Decals for Tacoma /Tundra/4Runner/Sequoia Steering Wheel Phone Buttons


Customize the appearance of your  2016+ Tacoma, 2014+ Tundra, 2010+ 4Runner, or 2015+ Sequoia with these precision cut vinyl decals for your steering wheel phone buttons (answer/hang up). Product is not affiliated with or endorsed by Toyota Motor Corporation.

  • Red and green decals are applied directly over steering wheel button
  • Cutouts allow the illuminated phone icons to be visible
  • Mimics the appearance of the answer/hangup buttons on the head unit
  • Makes it easier to distinguish the buttons when making or answering a call
  • Made from ultra thin Oracal 751 premium vinyl with a 7 year durability rating
  • Includes two sets of decals
  • Lifetime warranty against peeling, cracking, and shrinking
  • Ships for free
  • Normally ships within two business days!