Grille Lights - 2016-2020 Tacoma


These are the most popular lighting option for your 3rd gen Tacoma. Grille lights are easy to install and change the look of the truck's front end. The lights are made of ABS plastic and come in a few different colored LEDs and lenses.

What's Included:

- 3/4 Lights of your choice of color combo

- Wiring harness

- Low-profile add-a-fuse 

The way you power them up using the add-a-fuse is by plugging them into your add-a-fuse in the fuel injector location. You can also wire them up using the side markers of your headlights with splice nuts. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joshua Hopkins

Lights were easy to install and wire into fuse box.

Vincent Galea
Sick Mod Brah

Love love love the new grill!!! Easy to install yourself and looks killer! My only complaint is that the lights I purchased also from Toyota freaks seem to slip out of the grill in center holes. A little clear silicone or glue will fix this right up but other than that it looks so great! I got the red letters and amber lights for my black 2019 Tacoma.

Good lights

The lights work and look great but need to be filed a bit depending on which hole your placing them in.
The only thing is the add-a-fuse that comes with the kit is not so great. It came with 2 5amp fuses in it. One of the fuses completely broke inside the add-a-fuse trying to remove it to plug in the correct 10amp fuse needed. Also, the 10amp fuse that is in the fuse box won’t fit the add-a-fuse because the ones in the box are short. The add-a-fuse takes the long ones. So you will need to have or buy some. It would have been good if the fuse from the truck fit the add-a-fuse. Other than that the lights work great.