2016-23 Tacoma Raptor Grille

Letters: E-mail choice of lettering to support@venturetread.com
Year: 2016-2017
Letter Color: SATIN BLACK
Sale price$299.99


Introducing our original raptor grille with any lettering you want!


  • Custom in-house CNC lettering 
  • Professionally Painted
  • Includes 3 Amber/Amber Raptor lights - you can order different lights separately here
  • This grille is compatible with the stock front-facing camera on the tech models as well as the TSS cruise sensor - grille may need further modification for 2022 camera housing revisions.
  • Email us for information on custom lettering and paint


Understand that this TSS Sensor Bracket is engineered in-house and has proven worthy in every circumstance we've put it through. Customers have been very happy with its functionality. However, you will be responsible for calibrating the sensor (if needed). Purchasing and using this sensor relocation bracket will be at your own risk. We recommend keeping metal or any material out of it's way and regularly cleaning it. 


Check out our install video here.

Lead Time:

Please allow for a 1-3 week lead time. You will receive a shipping confirmation email and tracking number upon shipment.

If you have questions about the grille, email us at support@venturetread.com

Cancellation post-purchase will result in a 10% cancellation fee. All sales are final for painted/custom items 24 hours post-purchase.

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