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We appreciate your business! Stay up to date on lead times!


2010-2024 Toyota 4Runner Splash Guards

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$117.37 - $117.37
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Enhance your 2010-2024 Toyota 4Runner with more protection and style with Ark Splash Guards, designed to give full coverage protection in the wheelwell by covering up the gap between the body and the fenders that exposes the engine bay behind your suspension.

  • The 5th Gen 4Runner and its Trail Edition A-TRAC, Crawl Control, and Multi-Terrain System, your 4Runner is prepared for any adventure, but it lacks protection and a splash guard that will hold up to the demands. Whether your 4Runner is OEM or suspension lifted, Ark Splash Guards has your quality solution to protect your vehicle's undercarriage and engine bay are shielded from the rigors of off-road travel. Even the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS), which increases wheel articulation, is fully supported by our robust design.

American-Made Quality, Better Designed

Ark Splash Guards add to the vehicle's aesthetic appeal. Ark Splash Guard is precisely engineered for the 2010 and newer 4Runners. We saw what is out there is not good enough and are setting the new standard on style and quality protection! Ark Splash Guards provide you with a sleek, professional look that complements your 4Runner, appealing to the owners who value function, style, and quality protection all wrapped in one.

  • Reflecting our dedication to American craftsmanship, American Manufacturing, and American Innovation. Our commitment to quality extends to ease of installation. With user-friendly instructions, fitting Ark Splash Guards to your 4Runner is a straightforward process, saving you time and enhancing your vehicle's functionality and appearance without hassle.
As a pledge to our customers that we deliver only the best, we provide a 1 year, no questions asked refund policy. A reflection of our confidence in the durability and effectiveness of our American Made products.

Ark Splash Guards — unparalleled resilience, sleek design, and American-made quality that stands the test of time and terrain. Equip your 4Runner with Ark Splash Guards and embark on every journey with confidence and style.