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We appreciate your business! Stay up to date on lead times!


2000-2006 Toyota Sequoia Splash Guards

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In the world of off-roading and everyday driving, the challenge isn't just about navigating the terrain—it's about ensuring your vehicle can go the distance. This is where Ark Splash Guards come into play. Designed specifically for the first-generation Toyota Sequoia to add protection, style, and American innovation that is built to last.

  • Ark Splash Guards fill the critical gap between the body and the fenders, shielding the exposed engine bay from debris and harsh conditions encountered off-road. This not only protects your vehicle's vital components but also enhances its overall appearance, giving it a sleeker, more polished look that stands out on the trail or the street.

  • Proudly designed, sourced, and manufactured in the USA, Ark Splash Guards reflect our dedication to quality and innovation. Our commitment goes beyond creating a superior product; it's about contributing to the American economy and setting a new standard in vehicle protection and style.

  • You don't have to choose between protecting your vehicle and keeping it looking good. Our guards are made from durable materials that withstand the elements, ensuring your Sequoia is always adventure-ready and looking its best.

American Made Quality and Easy Installation

We understand that your time is valuable, whether you're preparing for an adventure or maintaining your vehicle. That's why Ark Splash Guards are designed for ease of installation, with user-friendly instructions that make the process straightforward, saving you time and ensuring a perfect fit for your Sequoia.

Ark Splash Guards are for the Sequoia owner who believes in the joy of exploration and the value of protection. They're for those who demand the best in American manufacturing and craftsmanship, enhancing the outdoor lifestyle and ensuring that every journey is backed by the best in protection and style. Our 1-year, no-questions-asked refund policy, reflects our commitment and confidence that we deliver a quality product that enhance both the functionality and appearance of your 2000-2006 Toyota Sequoia.