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We appreciate your business! Stay up to date on lead times!


1990-1998 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80 Splash Guards

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Ark Splash Guards for the 1990-1998 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80, a vehicle renowned for its robustness and off-road capability. The HDJ80's 4.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine and solid axles set it apart in the realm of off-road performance.

  • Ark Splash Guards are designed to protect these vital components from debris and harsh conditions encountered during off-road expeditions. By safeguarding the undercarriage and wheel wells, these guards ensure that the HDJ80's impressive low-end torque and rugged performance are maintained. Designed to complement the full-size SUV segment's demands, our splash guards are an essential upgrade for any HDJ80 owner who values adventure, reliability, and durability.

Aesthetically Pleasing, Functionally Superior

Beyond just protection, Ark Splash Guards enhance the HDJ80's appearance by providing a cleaner, more professional look. They cover gaps between the fenders and tires, complementing the vehicle's rugged aesthetics while adding an element of sleekness. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who take pride in their HDJ80's classic yet formidable presence.

American-Made Quality for a Global Icon

Crafted in the USA, Ark Splash Guards are made with the highest quality materials and attention to detail. Each set is specifically designed for the HDJ80 model, ensuring a perfect fit whether your vehicle is stock or modified. Our range includes options for various lift heights, catering to the unique modifications of Land Cruiser enthusiasts.

  • The installation process for our splash guards is straightforward, with clear instructions provided. This ease of installation, combined with our 1-year, no-questions-asked refund policy, reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in our American-made products.

Equip your Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80 with Ark Splash Guards and experience the ultimate in protection, style, and craftsmanship.