07-21′ Toyota Tundra SR5 Preload Collar Lift Kit


Westcott Designs Tundra SR5 preload collar lift kit. This kit is designed for the 2007-21’ Tundra sR5 with the standard black body shocks from the factory. It gives you 3” of lift in the front without the need of a replacement Upper Control Arm (UCA) and 1” in the rear. After install your Tundra will sit level front to rear and you can run up to a 35″ tall tire*  It features our billet preload collars for the front and our billet rear lift block with hardware for the rear. This kit uses the preload in your spring to give you the lift that you are after, you retain your factory ride quality, it keeps your factory suspension geometry, and you can still align it to spec after install. Made in the USA.

*Front bumper relocation kit and additional clearancing required to run a 35″ tire. Suggested tire is a 295/70R18.

This kit provides the following lift:

  • 2007-’21 Tundra SR5: 3” (front lift) and 1″ (rear lift)