2001–07 Sequoia Checkered Stripe Kit


This is our first full stripe kit we are bringing to market. This kit only works with 1st Gen Sequoia. These kits are intended to be easy to install. That being said, vinyl can be tricky, so we always recommend having it done by someone with experience. Our Checkered Stripe Kit will come in a few different color schemes. All our kits are made with air release vinyl so that small bubbles can be released after install. They will also come in a SATIN finish to help them stand out from the vehicle. 

What’s included:

- Full kit with labeled parts

- Each part will have transfer tape for easy install 

- All our decals are made of Avery Denison or 3M material

- Expect 2-7 day lead time

- Here is the detailed install video of how to apply the kit (coming soon)


If you have any questions, email us at or call 208-697-4555. Any orders after 24hrs are subject to a 10% cancelation fee. We are not responsible if you mess up the install. You will have to buy any pieces that you ruin. That being said, any vinyl install shop local to you should be more than happy to install our kits.