Center Emblem Decal


Ready to spice up the chrome front emblem on your grille? This is the way. We are now offering different styles of decals that can be applied. They arrive as a square and will need to be wrapped on the emblem and then cut to size. Easy install with our quality vinyl and a cleaned surface.


  • Custom Printed 1105 Cast Avery Denison 
  • 3M 2080 for satin blacks and other basic colors

Video Installation CLICK HERE

Installation Guide:

* Prior to installation we recommend removing emblem from vehicle. If not you will need to lay masking tape around out part of emblem.

  • Clean the emblem and edges with alcohol
  • Orientate the decal to your liking 
  • Apply pressure to the middle and work your way to the edges
  • Cut excess off with a razor blade
  • NOTE: Using a heat gun can be helpful to stretch the vinyl - Don't stretch it too far or it will decrease the lifespan of the decal.

Email us if you would like us to install the decal on your emblem. Installation is $50 plus shipping of your emblem back to you.