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We appreciate your business! Stay up to date on lead times!
We appreciate your business! Stay up to date on lead times!


2014-2021 Toyota Tundra Grille Surround and Hood Bulge Overlay - Chrome Delete Kit

Original price $219.95 - Original price $394.95
Original price
$219.95 - $394.95
Current price $259.95

NOTE: This is NOT an OEM replacement. This product is an overlay. 

IMPORTANT: For any color-to-match product, including painted and acrylic, we highly recommend a dry fit first before installation. This means practicing your installation without removing the red backing from the tape to ensure the part complements your truck perfectly before final and permanent installation.

DISCLAIMER: Any color selection noted with (Painted-to-Code)*  will require approximately 4-6 weeks before they are shipped out. "Painted-to-Code" means we use the most popular variant of the color code when we purchase our paint. We cannot guarantee 100% match to your body paint. Once ordered, cancellations will not be accepted. Products marked this way are also subject to our Painted Part Policy.

Hood Bulge and Grille Surround Overlay Kit

Wondering what the difference between Acrylic and Painted is? Click here

*COLOR MATCH EXPECTED SHIP DATES: Parts are expected to ship 14-21 days after order is received. (Currently effecting: Cement Gray and Army Green)

Full Description Below

Model: Toyota Tundra

Year: 2014-2021

Position: Grille Surround and Hood Bulge

Materials: TPO and ABS Plastics

Attachment Method: 3M Auto-Grade Tape

Additional Details:

BumperShellz install directly over the OEM Grille. Easily cover chrome or worn finishes. This is not a replacement OEM part.

Ordering a Quantity of "1" means you'll receive both the Hood Bulge Overlay and the Grille Surround Overlay unless otherwise specified.

Made in the USA

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  • NOTES ON COLOR MATCHING: These colors have been checked against the most popular or "prime" color code. Depending on a number of factors including the age of the vehicle and what factory it was painted in, our color may not perfectly match what is on your truck. For that reason, we cannot accept returns for issues with the color match. However, if there is an issue with the color match, we will respray the affected part for you. You will need to return the part to us. Once received, we will respray it one time at no additional charge. We will not spray an entirely new part. 



  • Painted to Match BumperShellz are subject to 4-6 week shipping delay so they can be painted and cure

  • Our Paintable ABS products arrive in their raw form, needing your prep work - sanding and priming - before they're ready for your vibrant creativity.
Color: Matte Black