2016-2022 Tacoma Pro Grille
2016-2022 Tacoma Pro Grille
2016-2022 Tacoma Pro Grille
2016-2022 Tacoma Pro Grille
2016-2022 Tacoma Pro Grille
2016-2022 Tacoma Pro Grille

2016-2022 Tacoma Pro Grille

Product Sizing

We know how important it is to get the size you need and want, so we've tried to make that process much easier!  


S 28 18 15 ¾
M 29 ¼ 20 17
L 30 ¼ 22 18 ¼
XL 31 ¼ 24 19 ½
2XL 32 ½ 26 20 ¾
3XL 33 ½ 28 22



S 26 20
M 27 21
L 28 23
XL 29 25
2XL 30 26 1/2




One of the best-looking grilles on the market. Probably the first mod that most people do to their trucks because it's so easy to install and changes the complete look of the truck. Our 2018-2020 Pro grilles will come with the garnish to protect the TSS sensor, just make sure you select the year of truck you have. All grilles will come with the appropriate TOYOTA centerpiece for the grille.

Please allow for a 3-5 week lead time.

For 2020 Tacomas that come with the front-facing camera, if you select with camera bracket, it WILL come with the grille package.

If you already have a grille, you’ll need to purchase our front-facing camera bracket that only works with our pro grilles. Here is the link.

 The grille is made of quality ABS matte black plastic. Grille lights are an option when purchasing as well. We have all the colors you can think of. Here's the link

We also offer color inserts for the letters for the pro grille that you can find here.

We also have decals that add that heritage feel and make you stand out. Here’s the link.

Need Help with the Install, see here:

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
josiah villaro
Great product-2021 Tacoma

Came within a couple of weeks, had to YouTube the instal but was straight forward. Looks great

Berkley Bossard

TRD Pro Grille - 2016-2021 Tacoma

Mike Datz

Great product! Small machine defects but still works.

Gary Holmes
TRD Pro Grille - 2019 Tacoma TRD Sport

Installed easily and looks great!

Adam Bagerski
Pro Grille for 2021 Tacoma

I did a long search on the internets, google machine, and tacoma world. There’s about a million points of view and opinions. I narrowed it down to Venture Tread and a few others. When I reached out to VT via their messaging feature on their website, they were prompt and answered all my annoying questions. I’m guessing all the grilles out there by 3rd party vendors are produced at similar locations so the difference to me is customer service. These folks killed it and promptly shipped the grille. Once received the build quality was great and I got everything easily installed. Oh and it looked great.