2021 Raptor Grille TSS / Front Camera Compatible
2021 Raptor Grille TSS / Front Camera Compatible

2021 Raptor Grille TSS / Front Camera Compatible

Product Sizing

We know how important it is to get the size you need and want, so we've tried to make that process much easier!  


S 28 18 15 ¾
M 29 ¼ 20 17
L 30 ¼ 22 18 ¼
XL 31 ¼ 24 19 ½
2XL 32 ½ 26 20 ¾
3XL 33 ½ 28 22



S 26 20
M 27 21
L 28 23
XL 29 25
2XL 30 26 1/2




LEAD TIME: 4-6 weeks

As new models come out with the front-facing camera needed to create a bracket to not only accompany the tss sensor but also the camera. After much research and time committed to bringing you this grille with the adaptive cruise control sensor, it's finally here! There are a few things to know about this grille and the bracket that goes along with it BEFORE you buy. First and most important is by buying this grille you are responsible for calibrating your sensor if your truck has a lift above 2-3 inches. 99% of vehicles haven't had to recalibrate. Over a 3" lift you are at risk of the sensor not functioning properly. I tested the bracket on a 2018 stock TRD offroad Tacoma with a 3-inch lift and it worked perfectly. BEFORE you trust these sensors with your life, make sure you test it many times at different speeds and situations. By purchasing the grille and using the bracket, you are doing so at your own risk. Now on to the fun stuff!

The bracket allows you to run an offroad bumper with a low or mid-height bar. The bracket places the sensor at the uppermost part of the grille. When you buy a grille, the package will include:

1. The raptor style grille with amber lights (the lights will need to be linked into your side markers or to an "add-a-fuse")

2. Acrylic letters painted to your choice of color

3. Sensor bracket, plexiglass garnish, screws to mount the bracket to the grille and last the hardware to hold your sensor to the bracket.

4. This grille IS compatible with the stock front-facing camera on the tech models.

The brackets are made of 14 gauge aluminum. The great thing is the brackets are powder coated. All sales that have letters colored other than black are final so make sure you ask me any questions you have BEFORE you order. Thank you!

2-4 week wait time right now due to covid. We typically get them out sooner.

This Item will start to ship 11/25/2020 once we have final product photos

Copy and paste the URL below into your search browser for the install video https://youtu.be/xwkIo6jlvFE

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